Get more value than a full-time employee at a fraction of the cost

Reduce overhead & save money

Hiring managers are often faced with the choice of bringing in a new hire or a consultant. The financial benefits and service offerings are largely weighed in favor of hiring consultants or freelancers. No wonder Intuit forecasts the freelance sector will reach 43% by 2020.

Check out the Forbes list of top companies that are hiring freelancers to shape and build the future.

2 heads are better than 1

Because your business is diverse and multi-faceted, you should expect the same qualities in your development team. Leveraging the talents and experience of multiple developers gives your organization an advantage that you simply don't get from FT employees. No worries if your needs are too big for just us - we partner with multiple other agenices and developers, and we're alway happy to make recommendations that will take your project to the next level.

Solve problems, no matter the toolset

No need to get hung up on which tech stack to use - creating custom solutions to complex problems is what we do best. The language or framework we build in* is largely irrelevant. At the end of the day, we focus on shipping viable solutions that just work and work beautifully.

Not sure what you need?

Do you need help? Since you're here, the answer is probably "YES!" We've helped many companies get their web applications back on track, redesign their online presence, and bring their ideas to life. We have experience with multiple languages and platforms.

Contact us today to get started!

Case Study: Washington Monthly A fully featured WordPress site with 50k+ posts

When Washington Monthly was searching for a redesign and build of their online news site, they did as many organizations do, put out an RFP. As a matter of policy, we don't respond to RFPs (mainly because we think they're a waste of valuable time and resources).

Instead of responding to WM's RFP, we put together a small research package that included a full project estimate and recommendations they could use on their next build regardless of whether or not they granted us the contract.

Long story short, WM chose us to design and build a custom WP installation complete with:

  • Over 44% increase in online readership since launch
  • 50k+ archival post import
  • Customized data table auto-format and integration for their popular annual College Guide
  • Support for 100s of users in a press ready contributor/editor workflow
  • Complete redesign and styleguide to be used across all media
  • Bounce rate decrease of over 9%
  • Ongoing dedicated support and maintenance (we're loyal!)

Focus small, plan big.

Patrick J. Sparrow

"Prove it!"

Rehoboth Beach, DE
guitar, craft beer, the music of Phish
crowds, logical fallacies

Pat has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and 11+ years of web development experience. He practices test-driven development and strives to write cleaner, simpler code.

He currently lives in Rehoboth Beach, DE with his wife and rescue dog.

Tim Mannino


photography, minimalism, tiny cars
vegan food shaped like real food

Tim is an experienced front-end developer and designer (with the occasional foray into the backend!)

Driven by his love of code (and indenting!), he has successfuly managed the design and development of numerous websites and web applications throughout his career.

We're nobody without our amazing clients

Kettul serves as a valuable partner for your start-up, marketing firm, or small business by allowing you to take on bigger projects without hiring more full-time employees.

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